What are the 7 Types of Poop Say About Your Health

Our poops can say a lot of things about you. To understand more about this, a visual reference called the Bristol Stool Scale was made by some researchers at the University of Bristol. As a result, they devised a reference to rank the poop from 1-7. Each type of those 7 gives different information about the state of your body as well as your digestive system. Other researches depend on the color of your poop to predict some problems in your body.

To know more about both ways, let’s complete reading this articles.

The 7 types of Poops

There are 7 types of poops which almost everyone of us experience at a certain point, but can you understand what each of them means? or what to do regarding such issues? Check here what your poop is trying to tell you:

TYPE 1- Hard little individual pellets

If you are seeing hard little individual pellets, this means that you could be dehydrated or constipated.

This state can take place due to diet and stress,so you have to manage these two factors to relieve discomfort.

To solve this problem, you have to drink more water and eat food which have high amounts of broccoli, artichokes, berries, whole grains and other soluble and insoluble fiber.
TYPE 2- Solid, lumpy pieces

Experiencing solid, lumpy pieces which look like a nut-filled candy bar are also a sign of dehydration and constipation.

Deborah Malkoff-Cohen, a registered dietitian and nutritionist suggests drinking bigger amount of water, check thyroid, and consume 400 mg magnesium every night.

Why consuming magnesium? magnesium proved to be effective for treating dehydration and constipation as it increases water in the colon, thus making stools ofter and easier to pass.
TYPE 3- A big log with few cracks on the surface
This type, which has the shape of a big log with few cracks on the surface, is a sign for a healthy poop. In the normal state, you should produce such stools every day, and holding them for few days before eliminating is not healthy. On the other hand, if you are experiencing stools more than three times per day, then there might be a problem.

TYPE 4A long, smooth poop

Sometimes, you may have long, smooth poop situation which look like a snake. Such stools are easy to pass with minimal pushing.
TYPE 5- Small, soft stools
The type 5 implies small, soft stools with clear edges, it looks like chicken nuggets but… shittier. Such stools could signal low soluble fiber consumption, imbalanced gut bacteria, or a gastrointestinal disorder.

Feeling these symptoms for couple of days is normal, but if it persists longer than a day or two, you have to consult your doctor.


TYPE 6- Mushy, oatmeal-like poop
Are you seeing mushy, oatmeal-like poop? This is a clear sign that you have diarrhea or intestinal inflammation.

To solve this problem, increase your consumption of fiber and introduce bacteria-rich foods including yogurt and kombucha.

Moreover, Dr. Malkoff-Cohen suggests following BRAT diet which implies consuming bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.

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TYPE 7- Watery poops
Watery poop is not a good signal, actually it is a nightmare as it means lack of fiber, food poisoning, bacteria imbalance, gastroenteritis, food allergy or intolerance.

To solve this problem, drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. However, if you don’t get back to the normal state within 48 hours, you have to consult your doctor or physician.
Know More About Your Body According to the Color of Your Poop

There is another way to know more about your body and health by recognizing the color of your poop as the color of your poop can also tell you a lot about the secret reactions going on with your body.

Let’s check this guide which is based on the color of your poop to identify what your body have to say:

1- Almost black
 Dark-colored stool can be a result of a stomach ulcer or high levels of iron, it may also indicate bleeding from higher in your GI tract. As a result, color will change as it passed through the intestines.

Your stool can be pale and clay-colored if you are consuming medicines like Kaopectate or if your liver is not making enough bile.

Don’t worry if your poop (or pee) turned to red, just remember what you’ve eaten recently.

Deep red color in beets comes from a plant compound called betacyanin, tomatoes, food coloring, or even cranberries.


You may have blood in your stool, polyp, inflammation, diverticulitis, or even colon cancer. This is a warn that you have to consult your doctor.

Yellow poop that floats is a sign of digesting fat due to gallbladder removed, taking weight-loss medications, or from a variety of surgeries.

If you ate a lot of green food, your poop would be slightly tinted green, this can also be a sign of infection.


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Additionally, no matter what the color of the stool is, it normally has an unpleasant odor thanks to the bacteria in the colon that breaks down food. But, sometimes this bad smell of changes to an extremely bad, abnormal odor, which means that you have an infection, celiac disease, bowel diseases, chronic pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, or lactose intolerance and need to see your doctor immediately.