5 Secrets of Apple Cider Vinegar to Lose Some Extra Pounds

DO you feel as you’ve gained few pounds and need to get rid of them, or you need to lose some kilograms to get into your favourite jeans? … If this is your problem, then here you will find a solution.

It may sound as an impossible mission to lose weight without much efforts, but losing weight is not so hard as you can imagine. Without spending long hours at the gym, or preventing yourself from eating your favourite dishes, your wish can come true, if you just include apple cider vinegar in your diet.

Apple cider vinegar, which is also known as ACV, is made of fermented juice of apples (cider) and its color is pale amber. This kind of vinegars is mainly used in salads and dressings of meats and chickens. Additionally, it is popular as an effective substance to improve  many health problems.

Furthermore, It can be used for beauty treatments as it removes acne and pimples, makes hair shiny, whitens the nails and teeth and help you to lose some weight. Therefore, this multi-purpose liquid is a superb magic liquid which is very useful for your health.

How Can Apple Cider Vinegar Helps You Lose Weight?

Apple Cider Vinegar has many glamorous affects on your health which lead to losing weight including:

1- ACV maintains blood sugar level

Consuming daily portions of apple cider vinegar can decrease the risk of having diabetes as it helps in lowering the level of sugar in the blood. Due to the acetic acid in ACV, some of the carbohydrate and starch intake are blocked from digesting, thus keeping blood sugar level low which is known as the anti-glycemic effect.

Additionally, the main symptoms of Type 2 diabetes is suffering from insulin resistance which means that it prevent the glucose intake from converting to energy which increases the levels of glucose in blood. However, ACV improves the insulin sensitivity and hence it lowers the level of sugar.


Whether you have diabetes or not, the increases and decreases of the  blood sugar can lead to mood swings, cravings and hunger. Moreover, you may eat a lot between your meals if the blood sugar is unstable, so you will gain extra weight. However, these ups and downs of the blood sugar levels can be eliminated by consuming ACV after a meal or before going to sleep to maintain sugar level and thus it will reduce the side effects of unstable blood sugar level.

2. ACV will reduce fatapple-cider-vinegar-diet-for-weight-loss-1

ACV contains many kinds of organic acids and enzymes which stimulate your metabolism and make burning fats work faster; moreover, apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which is capable of promoting the production of fat burning proteins.

If you consume ACV regularly for few months,your belly fat and waist circumference will be much reduced, and the level of triglycerides will also decrease. As a result, you will lose some pounds.


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3. ACV improves satiety

Apple cider vinegar produces the feeling of being full and satisfied, so you will not feel as hungry usual. In this way, you can eat less amount of food, and you won’t hear the growling sounds of your stomach.

Additionally, a study which was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2005 proved the above fact. An experiment was applied on a group of people who ate bread and another group who ate bread with vinegar. The results showed that those felt significantly fuller than others who were fed only bread. Therefore, we conclude that when you consume more acetic acid, you feel fuller, eat less food and avoid getting much calories, thus you will lose weight.

4. Rich in potassiumapple-cider-vinegar-diet-for-weight-loss-2

Apples are amazing fruits for having a lot of nutrients, fibers and vitamins. One of the best features of apples is having a remarkable amount of potassium, and the same amount is also found in apple cider vinegar.

Due to potassium, if you consume ACV on a regular basis,it will contribute the potassium you need and balance the amount of sodium in your diet.

You may be asking yourself now how will potassium make you lose weight? Well, keep reading to know.

Among all the benefits of potassium, it boosts the metabolism and energy providing your body with calcium, iron and all the necessary metabolism-boosting nutrients. Thus, these nutrients can help in improving energy in the body. It is also very essential for building and strengthening the muscles, so they can burn more calories.

Potassium also acts as an electrolyte, so it combines with sodium in the body to regulate fluids around your cells and keep you from retaining too much water.

As a result, consuming a daily quantity of apple cider vinegar will help you lose some of your weight and remain fit.

So, let’s try to replace salt with apple cider vinegar and enjoy its taste and benefits.

You can use it with salads, dressings and many delicious recipes.

5- Digestion

Apple cider vinegar stimulates the digestive juices in the stomach. These juices help your body to break down all the food which solve any constipation.

Thus, ACV works as a probiotic rich beverage for gut health which treat constipation and obesity as well.

Points to be considered while taking ACV

Before making apple cider vinegar a part of your daily diet, you should keep these instructions in your mind:apple-cider-vinegar-diet-for-weight-loss-5

1- You must choose a safe and useful kind of ACV, as only the organic ones which are free from chemicals and pesticides can help you to lose weight.

2- You have to drink 1-3 tablespoons of ACV diluted in a glass of water around 30 minutes before a meal, so your body gets enough time to feel full and stops overeating.

3- You can also consume any amount of ACV anytime of the day to stimulate the burning of calories.

4- You can add ACV to many recipes, salads and dressings.
5- You should consult your doctor before using ACV to avoid any possibility of suffering from a throat pain.
5- Make sure that you rinse your mouth with clean water after consuming any acidic foods as ACV to avoid weakening your tooth enamel.

Recommendations for using apple cider vinegar in your diet:

Based on the work of Dr. Jarvis, this is the recommended amount for consuming apple cider vinegar:
1- Mix 1 to 3 teaspoons apple cider vinegar with 8 ounces water.
2- Drink this mixture before your meals 3 times a day.

3- Include ACV in your meals.


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