How To Get Rid Of Head Lice Naturally And Effectively!

So, you want to know how to get rid of head lice naturally. I bet you’re now having the panic that we all mothers had at some point with our kids! The panic moment is when you discover and see lice popping out of your kid’s hair.

Well, you don’t to have to that concerned because about 6 to 12 million kids in the U.S are affected with head lice every year. The sad part is that sometimes the prescribed head lice treatment could be toxic. Moreover, the over-the-counter treatment may not be effective in killing head lice.

So what now?!

How To Get Rid Of Head Lice Naturally:

The greatest news is that natural treatments can be really effective in treating head lice and getting rid of them. Even better are those natural remedies getting rid of lice more than commercial treatments do.

1. Relax:

I know that you’re panicking at this point, but do you really want to freak your kid out when you found out about the head lice? Your kid could cry if you panic and feels it’s the end of the world!

You know how kids wander off with their imagination, so you need to be super mom and chill out to treat head lice effectively.

2. Combing & Nitpicking:How To Get Rid Of Head Lice 1

Definitely, this one of the best treatments for head lice and it comes second to none. You’ll always need the comb next to any other treatment you’ll choose from our list.

Important tip:

For effective combing, you need to section your kid’s hair and comb each section separately to get rid of lice effectively.


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3. Olive Oil:

You probably already have some in your kitchen right now, and surprised that you didn’t know that olive oil can actually get rid of head lice.

The idea behind olive oil is that soaks the lice and makes them drown and suffocate by plugging their breathing holes.

Bonus Tip:

Soak your kid’s hair in olive oil overnight and cover their head with a shower cap. That will suffocate the head lice for hours and ensure that they won’t survive.

In the morning, comb your kid’s hair to remove the nits and the olive oil will loosen up the hair shafts for easy combing.

4.Hairdryers:How To Get Rid Of Head Lice

Did you know that hot air can be really effective in killing head lice!? Finally, your hairdryer has another use other than drying and straighten up your hair.

Interesting Fact:

Your hairdryer can get rid of 55% of lice & 98% of the nits. While an old-fashioned bonnet dryer killed 10% of lice and 89% of nits.

So, it’s a wise choice to go for the hairdryer and shower afterward to make it even more effective.


Sometimes, people refer to Vaseline as petroleum jelly, which is true, but it’s commonly known as Vaseline. You can apply Vaseline or a hair styling gel to your kid’s hair to soak the head lice.

Which is better to apply; Vaseline or hair styling gel?

Well, Vaseline is found to be more effective against head lice than any other natural treatment. However, it’ll be hard to get out of your kid’s hair.

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For similar results, you can apply hair styling gel instead.

Quick Application Tip:

Apply Vaseline or hair styling gel and coat your kid’s scalp and hair with it (make your kid’s hair drown in it). Cover his/her head with a shower cap overnight, and wash it in the morning.

Then, comb afterward to get rid of the nits. Repeat a week later for best results.

6.Mayonnaise:How To Get Rid Of Head Lice

No doubt, mayonnaise makes everything taste better (at least for me). But, we’re not here for recipes, this is a natural remedy to kill head lice.

However, there’s no 100% guarantee that mayonnaise is the go-to remedy to kill lice completely as head lice can close and open their breathing hole.

The National Pediculosis Association got contradictory reports on the effectiveness of this home remedy for head lice.

Quick Application Tip:

You can get full fat mayo, apply it overnight & cover with a shower cap as usual. Then it’s the usual routine, wash your kid’s hair and comb it thoroughly. Some parents found it effective. So, you might want to give it a shot.

7.Dishwashing liquid

Well, you could be thinking that you have a killer agent in your kitchen and you just figured out! However, Dishwashing liquid is not for killing lice, but you can use it to remove the suffocated lice from the olive oil, Vaseline or mayonnaise treatments.

People who use Dawn dishwashing liquid found it to be great for removing the greasy mess the head lice left behind.

8.Vinegar:How To Get Rid Of Head Lice

This another remedy you already have in your kitchen and it acts like the dishwashing soap. It just helps in dissolving the glue-like material that the head lice left behind as the female attaches her eggs to your kid’s scalp & hair shafts.

Also, you can apply vinegar before combing your kid’s hair and after using any of the natural remedies above.


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9. Prevention:

It’s sad to know that head lice can infest any clean head as good as infesting the dirty ones. Even if you shower your kid on a daily basis, there’s nothing to guarantee that you’re protecting your kid from lice.

So, the only advice to be given here is to avoid any head-to-head contact with other kids. Try to keep your daughter’s long hair tied up in a braid or ponytail.

Also, don’t allow your kids to exchange their personal hair products with anyone like brushes, combs, hats, scarves, barrettes or pillows.

Bonus Tip:

Apply some tea tree oil after each time you groom your kid’s hair for some protection.


Finally, you know 9 ways how to get rid of head lice effectively and naturally.

Share this with all parents, and share with us in the comments any natural treatment that you found effective against head lice.