What do you do if you are constipated? .. Best Natural Ways DIY

What is constipation?

Constipation means infrequent passage of feces, hard stools or a sense of incomplete emptying after a bowel movement.
Additionally, experts define constipation as to give stools less three times per week and having a serious difficulty to pass them out.

Some of the symptoms
There are many symptoms for constipation including:
1- Lower abdominal discomfort
2- The feeling of incomplete evacuation, as you still want to “do it” but just can’t.
feeling that you still have to “go”)
3- Giving hard and small stools.
4- Seeing some bloods or fissures caused by hard stools.
5- Needing some efforts to have a bowel movement, and/or obsession with having bowel movements.
6- Having a slow movement of material through the colon (bowel).

Causes Of Constipation

We all know that constipation is usually caused by the slow passage of digesting food through any part of the digestive system ( stomach, small intestines, colon., etc.); however, the slowing occurs most of the time in the colon.

Additionally, although they seem to be uncountable, the main causes of constipation are:
1- medications.
2- Poor bowel habits ( especially in places where there is no toilets)
3- Low fiber diets ( not eating enough fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.)
4- Abuse of laxatives.
5- Hormonal disorders (like too little thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism) and too much parathyroid hormone).
6- diseases primarily of other parts of the body that also affect the colon;
7- High levels of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy.
8- Abdominal bloating, occasionally distension.
9- Occasionally diarrhea due to obstruction of the colon by hard stool.
10- Rarely colonic perforation.
11- Possible aggravation of diverticular disease, hemorrhoids and rectal prolapse.

Constipation caused by medications is very popular, so you have to be very careful if you are consuming medicines like:

Narcotic pain medications including: codeine(like Tylenol #3), oxycodone ( like Percocet), and hydromorphone (like Dilaudid), amitriptyline (like Elavil and Endep) and imipramine (like Tofranil)

Anticonvulsants: They could be phenytoin (like Dilantin) and carbamazepine (like Tegretol)

Iron supplements

Calcium channel blocking drugs including: diltiazem (like Cardizem) and nifedipine (like Procardia)

Aluminum-containing antacids including: aluminum hydroxide suspension (like Amphojel) and aluminum carbonate (Basaljel)

In addition to the products listed above, there are many others that can cause this condition.
In such cases you need to follow simple ways to get rid of constipation, but if they don’t work, you can ask your doctor to prescribe a less constipating medicine.

When To Ask For Medical Care
If you get a severe, worsening constipation accompanied with loss of weight or other worrisome symptoms, or if your body didn’t respond to the simple, safe and effective treatments, then you have to consult your doctor and ask for medical care.

home remedies constipation

Home remedies for constipation relief

Before trying some medicines and pills, try some of these home remedies for constipation relief:

1- Water
This is the simplest way to treat constipation since drinking water is so beneficial to your skin and body, especially the digestive system. Indeed, drinking water is an ideal solution to keep your body hydrated, facilitate the process of digestion and support the function of muscles. When you drink water, the digestive system process nutrients and move wastes along smoothly. Water also supports the function of the bowel muscles which helps to keep things moving.
Treatment: There is no fixed rule to the quantity of water which must be drunk everyday; however, 2 to 3 litres can be enough to solve your constipation problem

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2. Prune Juice and Prunes
Prune Juice and Prunes are some of the most popular solutions to get rid of constipation as they are high in fiber and sorbitol. So, they collect water as they move along the intestines, which helps in softening fecal matter.
Treatment: Drink with an 8 oz glass of prune juice or 2 or 3 prunes on an empty stomach for a week, if you don’t see good results then you can double the quantity.

3. Coffee
Do you drink a dark-roast coffee cup every morning? if yes, then you are already treating any constipation problem as coffee stimulates digestion and contains fiber, oil, and water, these ingredients help in keeping the bowels moving.

Treatment: You can drink a cup or two at the morning to solve the problem of constipation, but take care of not exceeding this amount as caffeine will not only make you go many times to the bathroom, but it may also cause some nervous symptoms.

4. Olive Oil
This oil can also stimulate the digestive tract, lubricate the bowels and work as an antioxidant protector at the same time.

Treatment: Before eating your breakfast, consume a tablespoon of olive oil.

5. Probiotics
Probiotics…yes, it is an amazing cure for constipation, especially if you eat some yogurt and kefir for breakfast. Try them alone or with any other favorite breakfast cereal or grain-free granola.
These probiotic encourage healthy bowels which translates to easier evacuation. As a result, those who consume good amount of probiotics ensure that they got increased frequency, better stool consistency, and a reduced digestive transit time.

Treatment: increase your consumption of food containing probiotics, or take some capsules to treat constipation.

6. Baking Soda and Warm Water
Baking Soda and Warm Water are said to relieve pain and pressure associated with constipation. Actually, bicarbonate is used since hundreds of years to reduce the symptoms associated with heartburn, so try this substance with water to experience its amazing benefits.

Treatment: Make a mixture of one teaspoon of baking soda and a quarter cup of warm water, then drink the mixture.

7- Make some exercises
We all know that the movement encourages muscle health which can stimulate digestion and help to keep things moving.

Treatment: Work, run or do any kind of sports for 30 minutes everyday.

8- Herbs
To fight constipation, you can start with some Flax seed, psyllium, and fenugreek which are bulk laxatives and easier on the stomach. You can also try senna, aloe, buckthorn and other purgative herbs for a short- time only when you want to get rid of constipation.

Eventually, a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle are capable of preventing long-term gastrointestinal duress from being a serious issue.