How To Be Professional With Home Remedies For Scabies All You Need To Know About It!

If by any chance, you’ve had scabies before, you understand how irritating and disgusting they can be. However, you don’t have to worry anymore because today you’ll learn some home remedies for scabies  & rash.

These & natural home remedies for scabies not only promise effectiveness but also benefits your skin in many ways.

Overall, you’re going to learn in this article today:

  1. Home remedies for scabies.
  2. What is scabies?
  3. Scabies symptoms.

With that said, let’s get started with home remedies for scabies.

7 Natural Home Remedies For Scabies:

These are the 7 remedies that I found really effective in treating scabies and it won’t cost you much of money! In fact, you won’t spend much to treat your scabies, you’ll get rid of them and enjoy the benefits of these natural treatments.

1. Neem Oil kills scabies:

Firstly, you can use neem oil, which kills scabies mites. Moreover, it prevents scabies’ ability to breed, spread and grow. Not only does neem oil numb the pain, but also relieves itching which makes it fantastic in treating scabies symptoms (we’ll discuss in detail later on in this post).

Scientific Proof:

In India, they decided to gather 814 patients experiencing scabies to conduct a study. The 814 patients applied a turmeric paste made from turmeric and neem oil.

Surprisingly, some got cured of scabies within 3 days, and some took 15 days to cure it. The result was 97% cure and the turmeric paste with neem oil was very safe and effective with no side effects whatsoever.

2. Tea Tree Oil:

home remedies Scabies-tea tree oil
Tea Tree Oil-home remedies Scabies

Tea tree oil works against scabies parasites and mites when you apply some over the affected area topically. It has antimicrobial agents called terpenoids, which heal scabies externally and internally (above and under your skin).

Scientific Proof:

In the Archives of Dermatology, a study proved the tea tree oil cures scabies since it has oxygenated terpenoids.

After applying tea tree oil on a 20-year-old woman with scabies topically, scabies begins to die after 5 minutes of application.


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3. Cayenne Pepper kills scabies:

There’s no kitchen that doesn’t have cayenne pepper, it makes our food delicious and has many health benefits like treating scabies. Cayenne pepper plays a role in alleviating the pain that scabies cause to you.

The capsaicin in a cayenne pepper is a powerful anti-scabies agent as it relieves any itching by desensitizing the neurons in your skin.

Scientific Proof:

Well, there’s no strong evidence to prove that cayenne pepper can ultimately cure scabies, but it can kill scabies mites for sure when applied topically.

Bonus tip:

Prepare a hot tub and add one cup of cayenne pepper, but don’t go in the tub just yet. After the water has cooled down, it time to soak your entire body, especially the affected area in the tub.

4. Rosemary Oil:

Rosemary Oil- home remedies Scabies
Rosemary Oil- home remedies Scabies

Although Rosemary has many benefits, one of them is treating scabies. It has a scabies-killing agent, which decreases the pain and protects you from the development of a secondary infection.

Scientific Proof:

In China, The Northeast Forestry University decided to make an experiment to back up the idea that rosemary oil can treat scabies. So, they combined rosemary and clove oil together and applied it topically, and indeed it cured scabies.

5. Anise Seed Oil For scabies:

Anise oil has powerful insecticidal activity when applied topically on scabies. However, it is not safe for pregnant women with scabies.

Scientific Proof:

Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects have published a scientific review regarding the ability of anise oil to heal scabies. Luckily, they have proved that by topically applying anise oil you can cure scabies and head lice.

6. Clove Oil kills scabies:


Clove oil has 3 properties that contribute in healing scabies, which is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. When you apply clove oil topically, it dries up scabies rashes and blisters.

Scientific Proof:

In 2010, scientists have decided to put clove oil to the test and see whether or not it can cure scabies or not. So, they tested its topical effects on pigs and rabbits and the results were really promising.

Clove oil is a toxic agent against scabies mites as it kills the mites within minutes of application.

7.  Tiger Balm kills scabies:

Last but not least, tiger balm is obviously a topical cream used to decrease inflammation and provide relief from muscle aches and pain caused nu anything like, in our case scabies.

The reason why tiger balm can help with scabies is that it has camphor that provides relief as you wait for other natural treatment to take effect.

So, now that you know home remedies for scabies, you need to know what scabies really are.

What Is Scabies?

Basically, they are very small eight-legged female parasites (they’re so small; they’re only 1/3 millimeter long). The reason why they cause such horrible itching and inflammation to your skin is that they dig into your skin. Scabies gets even more active at night.

Once scabies had gotten into your skin, it’s time to put their eggs, so they make a tunnel for egg production.

Once scabies’ eggs hatch, the larvae work their way to your skin surface. This is where it could get dangerous as larvae could spread to other parts of your body. That’s why you need to start applying home remedies for scabies to prevent it from spreading everywhere.


What Are Scabies Symptoms?

It can take up to 2 months for any symptoms of scabies infection show on your skin! Although no symptoms have shown yet on your skin, you can transmit scabies from you to anyone else!

The first and most common symptom of scabies is itching and sadly, it gets worse at night and as you leave it without treatment! That’s why if you have any of the home remedies for scabies in your kitchen, I’d recommend applying some right now to get an instant relief.

Now, that we’ve come to the end of this post, tell us which one of the se 7 home remedies are you willing to try.

Also, if you have tried any of those, share in the comments below your experience to encourage others to use natural treatments!